Overclocking RyZen 1700 strange occurance

This is my 1st question here, or rather a query, one I also find a bit strange, sorry if its a bit long winded.

Fist of all, I finally got my Gigabyte AB350m Gaming 3 motherboard the other day, set it up with 16gb (2x8gb) G.Skill Trident Z RGB 3000mhz and an R7 1700, booted fine, memory posted at SPD 2133mhz 1.2v and nothing I did to get the speed up closer to XMP would post or boot any higher, anyway, installed windows fine and then proceeded to overclock from the bios.

Got my 1700 to 3.9ghz, memory still at 2133mhz with fairly tight timings, 1.38vcore, SoC voltage at normal, memory voltage at 1.2v, 8 hours of Prime95 stable, 7 hours of AIDA64 stress test stable, Intel burn in test 100 passes standard and 40 passes max settings stable, and realbench 8 hours stable, basically in my eyes stable enough to control the shuttle.

So today I decided to try and get memory up once again, as ive read that RyZen benefits from higher memory speeds, flashed the board to F3C bios and set XMP in the bios, and success, managed in the end to get it to boot at 2933mhz, leaving the bios to configure timings and voltage itself rather than manually setting them, CL16, 1.35v, soooooo............stress testing starts again, 100 passes of IBT standard = pass, 30 passes of IBT max settings / max memeory = pass, AIDA64 stress test and RealBench crash the system after 3mins 15secs, both of them, what the hell ???, how is that possible after passing the toughest stress test I know of ?
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  1. So sure you stress test them, But how about testing it with games and stuff. i think u will do fine
  2. burtman88 said:
    So sure you stress test them, But how about testing it with games and stuff. i think u will do fine

    Well what I don't get is why it can't even get through 3 mins of aida64 or realbench, but can do IBT
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