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I have a i5 4460 .... 16GB of ram crossair vengeance .!.. Agigabyte b85 d3h motherboard...... Crossair 650watt psu. Suggest a good gpu for optimum gaming performance.
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  1. GTX 1070 would be a proper fit.
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    While much depends on the resolution you are going top play at, and your budget, a GTX 1070 is a good start, if you can afford it. Next step down would be the RX 480 8gb, though I think the RX 580 is about a month away now.
  3. Mabye a gtx1080 if you can Afford
  4. Depends largely on your monitor.
    At 1080p no more than a GTX 1070
    At higher resolutions a more powerful card is a good choice
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