Second SSD intermittently recognized

Hello guys,

I received a new laptop last week. It is a Dell Inspiron 15 7000. The version I purchased comes with a M.2 SSD which is the primary drive.

It comes with a free HDD/SSD slot to which we can add a second drive. The laptop comes with a SATA cable.

I added a Sandisk SSD to the free slot, which was recognized, I initialized it and it worked alright for maybe a day. Then, I started the the PC one day and the drive was gone, neither recognized by BIOS or Windows.

I opened the back lid and noticed that the cable, due to its length stays in a awkward position in order to be plugged into the mobo and to the SSD.

Since then, the SSD works intermittently. Sometimes I turn the laptop on and the SSD is there, working properly. Sometimes it won't show up. Most times if I turn it on without the back panel and move the cable, leaving it straight, it will work.

I think it is important to say that it has never stopped working during use. It either shows up when I turn the laptop on or it doesn't.

I also noticed that the computer takes a much longer time to load when the drive doesn't work, as if it was trying to initialize (no idea if this is possible). When I unplug the SATA cable from the MoBo, the loading time is much faster.

Is it likely that the cable is faulty and that is why depending on the position it works? Or is it more likely that the Sata Port on the Motherboard is bad ?

Since Dell uses a proprietary cable and port in its motherboard I don't think I can test the cable.

I am sure the problem isn't the SSD itself because I tested with a different brand new drive and I had theexact same problem.

Thanks in advance guys for your help.
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  1. Hey guys. Just so you know Dell agreed to send me a new cable and it's been working just fine ever since.
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