Question about ES CPU's?

Are you guaranteed to be arrested and fined if you purchase an Engineering Sample CPU from someone?
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  1. You aren't guaranteed to be caught shoplifting, but it is still illegal. Same thing here. You're probably supposed to contact the manufacturer if you somehow obtain an engineering sample so they can decide if they want it back, but I don't know if there's a specific procedure or not.
  2. Most likely nothing will happen to the buyer but the seller could be arrested. Which CPU are you interested in? And why?
  3. You will not be arrested and fined, however it is still stolen property and property of Intel, We do not support ES CPUs here and defer you to Intel's page regarding it.

    As an aside we have had users run into problems with them, it could be quite a financial risk with no recourse. Save your money up and buy the real thing. This topic is closed.
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