Dell Vostro 260 Onboard Graphics failure - how to add graphics card / reset CMOS with no signal.

I want to know how to add a graphics card to my Dell Vostro 260 PC.
The problem is suspected as onboard graphics failure, there is no signal to the monitor!
Motherboard 0GDG8Y, Socket 1155LGA, Ram DDR3 PC3-10700, OS Linux Ubuntu 16.04

The hard-drive works fine in another PC, so it isn’t that.
Switched the AC power supply unit, it’s not that.
New battery. Monitor works fine on other PC as does the monitor lead.
Reset BIOS jumper on motherboard.
Reseated RAM (do not have alternative Ram to test and eliminate as the culprit)
Did try booting using single RAM chip (one then the other) in turn (doubt both have failed?)
Tried holding in the power button for 60 seconds as this is a claimed ‘known fix’ on Youtube.

Suggestions please as to how to tweak CMOS to accept a graphics card & turn off the on board graphics - whilst there is no signal to the monitor (and therefore nothing visible to tweak!)

Tried HDMI connector to TV. No signal, but I probably did it wrong? Deep joy!
The graphics card I’m trying has both a 15 pin DE-15 VGA connector & a DVI connector.
The cable I have has DVI one end and HDMI the other.
The TV only has HDMI and a 15 pin VGA input. Do I connect the graphics card to the TV or the motherboard to the graphics card, and use a 15 pin VGA from the graphics card to the TV? The motherboard has a HDMI port also. Is there a setting or switch on the motherboard that needs a tweak first? Any help appreciated.

Many thanks.
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    Motherboard 0GDG8Y, Socket 1155LGA, Ram DDR3 PC3-10700, OS Linux Ubuntu 16.04
    If you used the Linux Ubuntu, may try to find the GPU driver for it. And here is how to install the GPU driver in Linux. Note: I don't read them.
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