Problem with Motherboard/CPU

I've been having some problems with my PC recently which would indicate some type of hardware failure: the pc stops booting from BIOS to either of my dual boot OS's fairly regularly (I usually fix this with system images), computer freezing (with the mouse still movable) for between 20 seconds to couple of minutes whilst performing low CPU/Ram tasks/idling (often around startup but not exclusively) and most worryingly data on 2 of my 3 data HDD's has been either corrupted, access denied or even the folders just disappear from the disks (although some programs still see the drive has data on it but the folders are invisible). The data corruption/loss happened after BIOS automatically did disk checks on the related disks at startup. I also have been getting regular event viewer ID which state the problem is hardware failure (but don't specify which hardware).

I've checked for malware/viruses. Because more than one drive is affected I'm assuming the drives aren't all failing at once. I've tried different system images without success. I have now unplugged all data drives to prevent them getting any more corrupted and run Memtest 86+ for nine passes with no errors. Two of the CPU cores (I'm running an 8core processor) consistently fail Prime 95 torture tests. Small FFTs get a 'hardware failure' notification within 13mins and large FFTS/Blend tests get 'error illegal summout' notifications at similar time lengths. Each time the core in question drops down to 4/5%. I'm not over-clocking - but I've tried resetting the BIOS anyway with marginally better results. Have I got a faulty motherboard/CPU? Or do I need to try upping the voltage etc? If I do have faulty hardware is there a program that can test the motherboard/CPU separately to determine which one isn't working. Thanks any help would be greatly appreciated.. Sam

System Specs:
Dual boot system (win 10 home x64/win 10 pro x64) on 128 G SSD
Motherboard: Gigabyte 970A-DS3P
CPU: AMD FX-8350
Ram: 32G
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 internal graphics card
1x SSD data drive 1TB
2x sata data drive 1TB/4TB
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