Computer shutdown randomly and won't turn back on

The title says most of it I was playing modern warfare 3 and suddenly my computer clicked off.. I touched the CPU and GPU but nothing was very hot at all. This made me think it was the power supply but the lights on the mother bored still glow but the PC will not turn back on .. please help

Cpu: Intel i5 6600k
GPU: pny 1070
Liquid cooling: Thermal take diy liquid cooling kit
Ps: Corsair 650 watt semi modular
Ram ddr4 vengeance 4x2 8gb
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    Have you tried unplugging and reconnecting all your cables? What your describing does indeed sound like a PSU issue if nothing got knocked loose somehow. I'd also check while you're working inside your PC and inspect for possible leaks for your watercooling kit to narrow that down. It's not unusual to have a PSU issue where the motherboard lights, standby LEDs, ect. still glow but the system doesn't power up normally. It's usually extreme temps or PSU issues that would cause a random shutdown with no warning. However, if it was temps, your system should start normally and at least run for a short time before powering off again.
  2. I toke out the power supply to test it and it would not start so it was indeed the power supply as it would not start
  3. Im guessing you tried the paperclip test to be sure? A PSU won't start without this test/adapter or being plugged in normally.
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