[Mouse] Zowie FK1 pointer locks in place randomly


I have bought the Zowie FK1 mouse today and was excited to try it out.
Unfortunately as soon as I plugged it in I noticed that the mouse pointer would randomly freeze for a second up to 4-5 seconds.

I've also noticed that picking the mouse up from the mouse pad and placing it back on it (as You'd do when turning around 180+ degrees in a FPS game) would cause these freezes to occur more often.
I've also notice that the mouse buttons work just fine during these freezes and it is just the mouse pointer that freezes in place (or screen when in-game). E.g I am still able to shoot my weapon in CS:GO when this mouse freeze occurs.

I have uninstalled my previous (Razer Naga Hex) mouse drivers and there were no particular drivers to install for the new Zowie mouse.

I have tried changing the Hz settings and changing the DPI, I've also used pressured air to try to clean out any possible debris from the mouse laser.

Any other ideas, or should I return it?
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