Which ssd i should choose?

I want to buy an ssd, and i have two options and i
dont really know which of the two to take. I have to
choose between Patriot Spark 128GB and HyperX Fury 120GB. Some opinions?
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    I maintain an ssd database listed in a sticky at the top of this forum section. Here is the link:

    The ssd's are divided by type. There is a lot of useful information plus links to technical reviews. The reviews are divided into two categories - English Language reviews and reviews in many other languages. There is no advertising or other distrctions.

    Despite the fact that I check over 100 web sites almost daily for ssd info and technical reviews, there is only one review for the Patriot Spark. It was published by a Russian web site. At the opposite extreme there are well over 20 technical reviews of the Kingston HyperX Fury in both English and other languages.
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