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So I recently upgraded my pc and put in a geforce gtx titan. Replacing my previous gtx msi 970. My CPU is an i7 6700k. Though when I play it seems that my pc ran better on the 970 than the titan does. In games like h1z1 I got 150 fps with the 970 and around 110 with the Titan. I spent a hefty sum on this card and would like to know the issue or if its normal. Should I have somehow wiped the old card's drivers before putting in the titan? The main reasoon that I got this card is so that I can record and post to youtube, but when I record I get heavy frames drops and as I monitor my cpu usage it doesnt go all the way up which leads me to think that it is the card. Any help would be much appreciated thanks.
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  1. What titan did you get?
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  3. Yes, always a good idea to un-install old drivers first. Best thing to do is use DDU then install the drivers again.
  4. List your gpu titan gpu specs, as well as your monitor and resolution.
  5. Benab3 said:
    What titan did you get?

    geforce gtx titan 6gb
  6. Sorry to say, but the card you got is actually worse for gaming than the GTX 970.
    The only Titans that are better than the GTX 970 are the Titan Z, Titan X and Titan XP.
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