Gigabyte Mainboard Replacement


My Build Is:
GA-990XA-UD3 Mainboard
AMD FX8320E Processor (formerly AMD FX4100 Quad)
EVGA Geforce GT 610 Video
8 gigs DDR3 1600 Corsair
2 TB Seagate
Thermaltake 750W Toughpower
Running Linux (Debain 8) (I am not a Microsoft User)

Had A Heat Issue that Fried my original FX4100 CPU. Seems fan locked up and started overheating. I can run the low end Linux Distros with no issues... problems arose on random shutdowns on anything bigger then Linux Mint. (had a FX4100 Quad in it originally.)

I finally narrowed it down to mainboard or processor, so I ended up getting a new one of each, and keeping it simple I first started by putting new FX8320e on the old GA-990XA mainboard, updating to latest Bios. Its been running great so far.

My question is I have a brand new GA-970-Gaming-SLI board that has not been opened yet.
I am not a gammer (the price was right and it fit the profile of my original build.... PC is more for Production, Graphics, Programming, Video Editing and Music.

Should I bother with the new main board? Will I see a difference in processing power apposed to the board I have in there now? In other words, will the newer mainboard improve what I already have?
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    No, you won't see any performance difference from a different motherboard - one might OC better than another etc, but strict performance at stock wouldn't change.
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