P400 + NOCTUA NH-D15 Anyone here good at math?

U can see all my specs down bellow. My old good friend 212 evo getting old and started to make some noise. So i have decided to buy NOCTUA NH-D15. The problem is based on official specs it wont fit p400. I did some math and it seems to fit well without push fan, but just in case i want to ask you guys.
I want to know if i remove push fan from D15 will it become identical to D15S cooling performance?
D15S gives more extra space between GPU and Cooler itself, but it seems that my motherboard has some extra space so it wont be a problem. Right?
U may ask why i not just go with D15S well in my country price of D15 and D15S is absolutely the same, so if i go for D15 i will "win"a free fan ^^
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  1. Get the D14 it fits and is a lot better than the hyper 212.
  2. Zerk2012 said:
    Get the D14 it fits and is a lot better than the hyper 212.

    Ofc it will but not as good as D15, so back to my question
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    If you remove the front fan of the NH-D15, it will be indistinguishable from the NH-D15S in terms of cooling performance.

    That said, trying to fit that cooler in the P400 will come down to luck and manufacturing tolerances. If the case is on the lower side of construction tolerance, the cooler will not fit. The same is true if the NH-D15 is on the larger side of it's tolerance.

    You could get lucky, but expect issues if you go through with that purchase.
  4. Back to my answer if you remove the back/push fan the cooler height with the center fan is still 165mm and still will not fit.
    You might be able to slide the fans down a bit and run them in Pull/Pull.
  5. Seems like you could get away with a D14 but not a D15. - look at how close the D14 is on his pics.
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