Voltages ASUS Dual OC RX 480 8GB - too high?!

Hey guys,

I recently bought the ASUS Dual OC RX 480 8GB and have noticed that its running quite hot while not even keeping the "stock" clockrates of 1305 Mhz in its "gaming mode" profile. The temps are climbing up to 70°C+ and the fan is roaring like hell (keeps the card on 70°C with 70% fan speed - what the heck?). In AMDs WattMan, if I set the voltages to manual, it shows that the last three states are: P5 1226Mhz @ 1.156 mv, P6 1275 Mhz @ 1150 mv, P7 1305 Mhz @ 1150 mv.

I also read about undervolting these RX 480 with powerlimit +50% and lowering the voltages by a fair amount but on my card - no way. It immediately hangs up in Unigine Valley/Heaven when I try to undervolt on 7th state with 1305 Mhz @ (only a minimal decrease) 1125 mv. Even with lowering the clockrates, it doesnt work well.

My questions are: Is that normal? Why is the 5th state higher in voltages than the others? I couldnt find any tests/oc reviews of the 8GB version of that card so I wanted to ask you guys, if u know anything about that and could possibly help me, thx in advance!
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