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hi! i've just bought a denon dp 29f record player and already have a pair of bose companion 2 series iii speakers - the record player has a line out with one red lead and one white lead (masculine) but the speakers only have ports for aux or computer in (not coloured) does anyone know if i need to buy an amp to connect the record player to the speakers or is there just an adaptor cable i could get to connect them?
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  1. All you need in that case is RCA to 3.5mm stereo cable. But I suppose you will want something better than desktop speakers for a record player.
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    if turntable jack is indeed labeled as LINE OUT, then straight into AUX my man, u just need the right cable. As simple as that.

    Really have to get away from matching colors, that usually doesn't work.
  3. sweet thanks mate!
  4. There is a switch under the platter of the turntable that needs to be set to correct position to provide the line level output you need. If it's not set correctly the volume will be very low and the sound will lack bass.
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