Compatability between AMD FX 8320 and 980DE3/U3S3

Could this Mobo run this CPU?
I know it can run it and have it socketed, but could it actually run it without any problems?
I have it installed and the computer have very strange behavior it lags in games drops the fps down, while the video card is not pushed to its maximum, because the games that I play are with low requirements and these components are way over their requirements, however it stills seems like they cant handle the applications. I also note some strange lag in facebook or in some things that any pc should run with no problem

The latest problem that I had was that ,when turning on my pc (after 10 - 15 hours off ), it starts show the screen for 1 second and turn it off , turns off the screen while the system actually runs on background.
This problem is usually fixed by disconnecting the mouse and keyboard and start the pc.
By doing this after it is on desktop I plug my keyboard again and everything is good.

Could it be that this mobo cant supply the cpu with enough power ?
Following components I have installed

B700 CoolerMaster - PSU 700W
Radeon R9280x
2 Sticks of 4gb 1600 mhz ram

It really doesnt run as it is suppsed to run with these specs , my brother have 6300 and gt 730gpu and runs the same apps ways better than me.
Are there some settings to apply in bios (like voltage etc.. in bios so my pc would run better) to increase voltage or give better power supply to my components?
Or is the MOBO so bad that it actually cant handle this CPU , because this is the way that my thoughts are going to.

Thank you guys , hope to hear a word from you soon :) Nice day!

Low FPS Low use of gpu (cpu and gpu are way more than game reqs)
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  1. That CPU and motherboard should work just fine (they are compatible).
  2. ASRock has issued the following requirement for that CPU.

    * For cooling the CPU and its surrounding components, please install a CPU cooler with a top-down blowing design.

    It has been reviewed as:
    It will throttle without an OC, 4+1 phase with no VRM cooling is not suitable for FX chips.

    I personally view that motherboard as near the bottom in terms of quality components. If you wanted the cheapest thing made, that's what you got.
  3. What troubleshooting steps have you tried to stabilize the system?
  4. Well, I tried to install the latest BIOS , because earlier I had problems with the ram. It couldn't run 1866 mhz ram, was keeping pushing out BSOD , some lags, reading the ram as 1033 mhz , etc... After bios update the ram was read as 1866 but stil it has shitty behavior as hell, recently this issue with the black screen came up , starts the pc shows boot options for a second , goes dark - shows the windows loading rotation , 1 sec and goes dark , (sometimes) shows desktop - 1 sec goes dark and never comes back if i dont restart it couple of times. By accident I understood that if i plug off mouse and keyboard , the pc starts normally , and did it like that everytime that I started the pc , but recently this method stoped working and we are back to the old black screen issue.
    This was not working like that before I even dont know what to do to solve the issue what troubleshooting should I take , I will try to wind the dust from the components , but its not that much and I hardly think it will help.

    The issue is occuring mostly when the pc is off for longer periods.

    Thank you.
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  6. Didn't know bout that sry, but anything about the question :D :D :D ?
  7. Are you overclocking the CPU or GPU?
  8. Nope I didn't overclocked nothing in my build. All is stock.Even if I wanted I cannot overclock the CPU because the mobo does not support 1866 mhz ram if CPU is oclocked
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