My over spec Dell M4800 Laptop is unbearable to work with - Help me diagnose!

Good Evening all (I'm based in the UK),

I am having some horrendous problems lately with my laptop when using it at work & at home.

For example from the entering my password correctly to opening notepad / web browser takes on avg 7 minutes.

Using a Virtual machine VM Ware & Oracle is a no go - if I boot it off my HDD it takes 15 / 20 minutes to load it up fully (even when allocating memory & processing correctly). If I boot it off my external HDD it's about 5 minutes quicker, but even when I am using it, it is just a nightmare to install programs on. Typical time for a roll back of an image / snapshot is 10 - 15 minutes or so.

From clicking Visual Studio 2015 to opening up the main menu (not even loading a project) is about 3 minutes (5 in total when I create my first C# class).

From clicking SQL Management Studio (SSMS) takes about 4 minutes (2008 / 2012 / 2014)

And even simple browsing (yes, in Chrome) is very slow. My missus Asus K53e with an Intel® Celeron® Dual-Core B800/B815 Processor runs quicker. I have to wait near enough for the whole webpage to load and some more before I can even scroll.


My first set of trouble shooting was as follows:

Dell System Health Check from the boot screen - all OK
Disable the majority of my Start up items (I am left with the very bare minimum)
Delete Temp / Recycle Bin
Uninstalled Unused programs
Even disabled AV temporarily (Sophos)
Win Updates
Chk Disk
Put the performance settings to max in the power saving mode.
Heck, I even changed my background to plain black!

I mean for a PC of the below spec, I shouldn't have any trouble having VS2015 & SSMS open at the same time whilst browsing, but unfortunately it grinds to a halt.


My Current PC Specs:


When I look @ task manager I have ~130 processes running but even they aren't resource heavy.

I just don't know what else to suggest. I'm thinking of getting a new laptop from Work because I just cannot continue like this.

Could someone advised on whatelse I can look out for?
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  1. Bump
  2. High disk usage perhaps? You can check this in task manager > performance > resource monitor > disk
  3. LucoTF said:
    High disk usage perhaps? You can check this in task manager > performance > resource monitor > disk

    Afraid not:
  4. Could be you are loaded with malware adds and etc. My wife picks up tons of malware from playing card games and shopping on line. When she gets to over 1000 things do get mighty slow. Head over to and get some programs to clean out your computer.

    I've been using an M6800 for a couple of years now. It chews through most everything very fast.
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