My over spec Dell M4800 Laptop is unbearable to work with - Help me diagnose!

Good Evening all (I'm based in the UK),

I am having some horrendous problems lately with my laptop when using it at work & at home.

For example from the entering my password correctly to opening notepad / web browser takes on avg 7 minutes.

Using a Virtual machine VM Ware & Oracle is a no go - if I boot it off my HDD it takes 15 / 20 minutes to load it up fully (even when allocating memory & processing correctly). If I boot it off my external HDD it's about 5 minutes quicker, but even when I am using it, it is just a nightmare to install programs on. Typical time for a roll back of an image / snapshot is 10 - 15 minutes or so.

From clicking Visual Studio 2015 to opening up the main menu (not even loading a project) is about 3 minutes (5 in total when I create my first C# class).

From clicking SQL Management Studio (SSMS) takes about 4 minutes (2008 / 2012 / 2014)

And even simple browsing (yes, in Chrome) is very slow. My missus Asus K53e with an Intel® Celeron® Dual-Core B800/B815 Processor runs quicker. I have to wait near enough for the whole webpage to load and some more before I can even scroll.


My first set of trouble shooting was as follows:

Dell System Health Check from the boot screen - all OK
Disable the majority of my Start up items (I am left with the very bare minimum)
Delete Temp / Recycle Bin
Uninstalled Unused programs
Even disabled AV temporarily (Sophos)
Win Updates
Chk Disk
Put the performance settings to max in the power saving mode.
Heck, I even changed my background to plain black!

I mean for a PC of the below spec, I shouldn't have any trouble having VS2015 & SSMS open at the same time whilst browsing, but unfortunately it grinds to a halt.


My Current PC Specs:


When I look @ task manager I have ~130 processes running but even they aren't resource heavy.

I just don't know what else to suggest. I'm thinking of getting a new laptop from Work because I just cannot continue like this.

Could someone advised on whatelse I can look out for?
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  1. Bump
  2. High disk usage perhaps? You can check this in task manager > performance > resource monitor > disk
  3. LucoTF said:
    High disk usage perhaps? You can check this in task manager > performance > resource monitor > disk

    Afraid not:
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