r7 1700 p95 stable but crashes on idle.

I decided to overclock my r7 1700 to 3.7 ghz and found 1.275v core to be stable for an hour on prime95. No crashes or errors. Nothing. Temperatures are good. I cannot for the life of me get it to run at anything beyond 3.7 ghz. Looks like I lost the silicon lottery :(.

However my system will randomly crash on the desktop in about 5 minutes while browsing or idle. This is a bad crash. I am talking complete system shutdown without a reboot. It just turns the system off with no bluescreen or anything.
I guess my question is can this be a problem with the PSU? It seems odd that a stability test would run fine but idling would cause crashes. I also noticed that while idle the core voltage drops all the way down to 1.25v. Can this be the problem? LLC is set to level 2 btw

System specs:
ASUS Prime-x370-PRO bios 0504
EVGA supernova 750 g2. ECO MODE OFF. I thought this could be the problem but it wasn't :(
R7 1700
g.skill tridentZ 3200mhz cl16. Running 1.3v 2133mhz for max stability while testing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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  1. So I started having this issue after overclocking my CPU. The system would randomly turn off during idle. Never during prime95 or gaming. *click* and the whole system is off. At first I thought it was the PSU, so I swapped it out. No dice this PSU was having the exact same problem. I started getting ready for a refund on newegg for the MB and CPU. Then I decided to try one last thing. Turn LLC off. It worked!Kind of
    Bios 0504
    LLC level 3: upon booting windows instant shutdown
    LLC level 2: shutdown usually within 5 minutes on idle desktop
    LLC Auto: No shutdown
    bios 0502 LLC 3: random shutdown after 8 hours idling
    Bios 0502 LLC Auto: to be seen
    None of these shutdowns happen while gaming/prime95 for hours and temps are not a problem.

    Can anyone test this? PLS :)
    r7 1700 Bios 0504
    3.7 ghz, 1.3v, LLC level 3. Just sit on the windows desktop for an hour and see if the system turns off.
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