Fx 9590 unstable on M5a99FX pro r2.0

Hi all,

I have problem's that even on stock I can't pass prime95 blend test. This is the error I'm getting on auto:

Here are my auto settings:

I have read on interned that this is caused by lower than should be voltage. So I changed manual voltage to 1.493750V. Then the first test passed but next didn't. Prime 95 7 worker turned off witohout any errors ;/

I wanted to give it better voltage but then when CPU Load Calibration in bios is On Medium the computer shut down but when I change it to high or above the computer freeze when I start prime.

Temps during the test are:

On socket: avg(68 C)
On core: (avg 54)

My current settings in bios:

Here are my specs:
MotherBoard: ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0
CPU: AMD FX-9590 4.70GHz
PSU: Enermax 1350W Platimax
HDD: Plextor 128GB 2,5" SATA SSD M6S Series
SEGATE st4000dx001-1ce168 4 TB
GPU: 2x ASUS Radeon RX 480 8GB STRIX OC
RAM: 4x DDR3 GOOD RAM 8GB 1600MHz Play CL 10

Pls help I want be able to run prime for at least a hour.
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  1. what does your stress.txt say?

    It sounds like your power supply maybe a problem. Jonnyguru give it a good review.
    did you plug in all cpu power connectors? as well as all cpu/gpu helper connectors?

    are you overclocking? I can't figure out by those pictures. Can your rams(dimms) handle OC?
  2. 1 There is no errors, warnings just random worker stop.
    2 This is one of the best psu's so I don't think it's a problem and of course all cords are connected.
    3 No I'm not overclocking Cpu is set to 4700 Mhz, base clock of fx9590.
  3. maybe you got a bad psu from enermax. rma?

    try memtest? under current conditions and run while you sleep
  4. I have ran memtest for 24 hours and 0 errors.
  5. you have it on auto so should not get any errors so fast.

    I have forgot to ask about your cpu cooler? amd temperatures cannot be compared to intel temps. intel cpu can live with high 80s but amd can only go high 60s.

    what setting are you using prime95? blend? small fft? larger fft?

    I had a fx 9590 ...
  6. pawemol, there are 500+ topics abouve the 9***fx series with crashes, littery everyone that has got that cpu comes here here with problems.

    dump that garbage and get a fx 8350 or go straight for intel.
  7. Blend, my cooler is Cryorig R1 Ultimate with 3 fans
  8. hey there don't go dissing fx 9590s....

    only test now is to reapply thermal paste.
  9. Best answer
    The 9590 is notoriously bad when it comes to the right motherboard, the M5A99X R2.0 wasn't designed with the 9590 in mind (mainly due to it being an older design than the CPU) though ASUS do state it will work with the 9590, which a lot of manufacturers do, even when they don't in reality. Best thing to do is to down clock the 9590 and see if it runs fine. It should and it will also indicate that the motherboard simply cant handle the 9590 at it's stock speeds and voltage.

    Then again, don't really count Prime95 as such an important test, it stresses the CPU to a very unrealistic amount that you would never reach using 'normal' programs or games.
  10. I have considered the same I think it's the motherboard problem. Tommorow I will do some occt and prime95 tests as well as cinbench etc. Now I go to sleep tommorow after work I will post my stress.txt etc.

    I have discovered something. When Apm Master Mode isn't enabled or on auto just after prime95 start I get this error:
    But when APM is enabled the test pass but when 2nd test start random worker is turning itself down without any error.

    Also when I have APM disabled I have like 30 cb more on cinbench.
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