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A local store has a msi rx 480 gaming x 4gb for 160. Or msi rx 480 armor oc 8gb game debate says the armor one is better because o faster memory. I game at 1080p 60mhz now but i plan on upgrading to a 1440p 60hz freesync or a 144hz 1080p regular.
Which would be better deal?
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    If I had to choose, I would go with the Armor OC. The extra 4gb of VRAM will make future games (which will propbably be more VRAM hungry) easier to run. Now many people say the quality of the Gaming X cards are higher than that of the Armor cards. I have used both in the past and as far as I can see, there was no real difference in noise or thermals. I would choose the Armor OC, strictly because of it's higher amount of VRAM.
  2. Go for the armor.
    VRam is key when it comes to gaming.
    8Gb vs 4? No question there.
  3. For your stated needs, more VRAM =good.
    If you can swing extra money, get 8gb gaming X for the better cooler.
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