LC6350 V2.3 - Super Silent Series (LC-power supply 350w ) 80+ bronze , safe or not?

Hello everyone
im building a new budget kabylake PC( for browsing and watching movies) since there will be no overclocking or dedicated graphic card and cd-room . im using a 350w power supply for my build which will be
GA-P110-D3 (rev. 1.0) motherboard (kabylake bios version)
intel pentuim g4560
ram 4giga ddr4
and 500 giga hard drive
my question is will it be safe to use this power supply or will it blow my computer out with time ?

link to the power supply unit specification
Technical overview
Power supply type Super Silent Series
ATX standard ATX V2.3
20+4 pin mainboard 1x 45 cm
4+4 pin mainboard 12V (8 pin EPS) 1x 45 cm
PCI-Express 1x PCI-Express V2.0 6+2 pin 45 cm
SATA 4 (2x 45 / 2x 60 cm)
PATA 2x 75 cm
FDD - (FDD adapter separate available)
Mark of conformity CE / TÜV
Fan 120 mm
PFC active
Dimension h x w x d 86 x 150 x 140 mm
Weight (retail) 1,536 kg
Power rating 350W
+3,3V 21A
+5V 15A
max. combined 103W
+12V1 15A
+12V2 11A
max. combined 300W
Efficiency up to 87,22%
Standby consumption 0,3W - ErP 2013
Temperature control for case fan yes
Security circuitry OVP = Over-Voltage Protection
OCP = Over-Current Protection
OPP = Over-Power Protection
SCP = Short-Circuit Protection
UVP = Under-Voltage Protection
Multirange (110V/220V) no
Haswell compatible yes
Barcode 4260070123481
Manufacturer code LC6350 V2.3
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  1. I can find no professional reviews of that PSU. In general, this is a huge warning sign. I would personally steer clear of it.
  2. what do you think about this one :
  3. We need a PSU tester who lives in europe.
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