New Build Performing way under.

Just recently built a decent new build.
Specs are FX8320
8gm ram (signle stick)
R9 280x gpu
600w psu.
WIndows 10 64
The gpu is from a different computer but everything else is new.

Going to add another 8gb stick in a week or so but i cant imagine having a single stick could be the cause of this type of under performance.

My question is for some reason this pc is performing way under, this is a budget build for my brother but for some reason it wont even run league of legends at a steady 60fps

It drops to 20-30fps.

Counter strike is the same way
slow loading lag and fps drops.

Drivers are updated ive recheck just about everything i can think of.

I can 3dmark on it and it only got a score of 1800.

At this point im honestly out of ideas why its performing so bad.
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  1. Run this and see how it stacks up, it'll tell you which component is under performing.
  2. Okay this is gonna sound weird. Its your core that is the issue. The problem here is the whole fx series is supposed to work without a dedicated graphics card and as a result adding a dedicated graphics card leads to some issues. In lamens terms heres whats going on.
    Your CPU: Look at me i can show you everything!
    Your GPU: But I can help!
    Your CPU: Doesnt matter only I can show them everything *smacks graphics card*
    Your GPU: Im useless
    Your cpu literally isnt letting your rx 280 do its job.
    So heres what i recommend because i know you got a fm2+ slot board to be able to put the fx proccessor in. Go and replace it with the amd athlonx4 845. Do keep in mind some motherboards need to be flashed in order to work with the proccesor so try running it with it first if it doesnt work (as in wont go through the bios or even show anything) then look up how to flash the bios. If nothings wrong then forget anything about flashing your motherboard and enjoy your boosted performance.
  3. jwcrellin said:
    Run this and see how it stacks up, it'll tell you which component is under performing.

    I actually did

    as you can see everything is really not doing well but my CPU is the worst

    UserBenchmarks: Game 22%, Desk 23%, Work 19%
    CPU: AMD FX-8320E - 18.7%
    GPU: AMD R9 280 - 39.9%
    SSD: Kingston SSDNow V300 60GB - 42.3%
    RAM: G.SKILL RipjawsX DDR3 1866 C10 1x8GB - 24.7%
    MBD: MSI 970 GAMING (MS-7693)
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