Help choosing ssd no samsung evo or evo pro

Hi good evening, I'm looking for a ssd for gaming and anime videos, but no evo or evo pro ( too....expensive...). Thanks for any help or advice.sorry I forgot 1tb or larger. Thanks
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  1. I guess your option is go intel ssd.
  2. Ok but which model..?
  3. how much storage (size) do you need and what is your budget?
  4. So sorry I forgot 1tb or larger. Thanks
  5. 1tb and below 350.
    Question from Alexandernigth_1 : "Help choosing ssd no samsung evo or evo pro"

    Alexandernigth_1 said:
    Hello good evening, I'm looking to upgrade from an adata hdd to ssd, but I'm on the I'm looking for the second most faster and longest warranty after the evo and evo pro models.
    Thanks for any help

    Anonymous said:
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    Samsung 850 evo 1tb is $325.
    5 year warranty. most others are 3 years. Tells you something.
    Check the negative(0 or 1egg) reviews on newegg. You will find more problems with other brands.
    Not worth the hassle for a few bucks.

    As a plus, the free Samsung ssd migration app will move your C drive to the ssd.
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