Which to buy? The rx 460 or gtx 1050?

Im confused between these cards , the rx 460 and gtx 1050.
My pc specs:
Pentium g2020 2.90ghz
4gb ram
H61M-S1 mobo
Techno 20+4 pin psu (outdated i know)
Windows 10 pro.

As both the cards come with same price in my country. The gtx 1050 gives better performance that rx 460 2gb and 4gb version. The age of amd cards are more than nvidia's . 1050 performs well in dx11 but 460 performs well in dx12.
Im confused between these two cards. Please help! Which should i buy?
(I cant go for 1050 ti or the rx 470 so please dont suggest to go for these)
Ty in advance.
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  1. Compare and decide.

  2. The GTX 1050 performs better, is better optimized and runs cooler, no reason to go for the RX 460 over it.
  3. Is it true that amd cards age is better than nvidia? How many years will gtx 1050 last?
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