GTX 1050 Ti + (i5 7400 || i5 7600) Need help for my very first build!

Hello there folks! So here I'm debating between these two processors for my very first rig. I'm not crazy about overclocking or playing at 4k, nor I'll be doing edition or those kind of processor-intensive tasks. Here in Mexico, the 7400 is $1000 pesos (about $50 USD) cheaper, although it's base clock frequency is 3 GHz (comparing to the 3.5 GHz of the 7600). Are the extra 500 MHz of the 7600 really worth it? Would it affect gaming dramatically?
My budget is not soooo limited, but I'd like to get the most of every penny here :)
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  1. Personally I would go with the i5 7600. Most games are single threaded which means that for the best performance you want the highest possible clock speed that your budget will allow. Most builds I have seen either go with the 7600 or the 7600k so I think it's worth it especially if you're able to fit it in your budget
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