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So I was wondering, the FE 1080 ti cards are out and available to buy (though most are sold out and all that's left are dirty scalpers), but should I wait and buy a custom card instead? I heard that custom cards through MSI and ASUS will have slightly better performance, but will be a little more expensive. I also heard that the founders edition of the 1080 ti has a thermal throttle problem, though I'm not sure that it's true. I have the money for my build now, and I was going to wait for the custom cards to be released...but I'm very impatient. Honestly, is it worth waiting? Will the ~70 increase in price be worth waiting or paying for?
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  1. What exactly do you mean by custom?
    Brand Specific models (ASUS strix, etc) don't offer very much of a power difference (10mhz max). The only reason people buy those cards is to experience whatever RGB fad is popular at the time.
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    no, the 1080ti FE wont have thermal throttling but dont expect the card to run significantly higher than its base clocks - they all boost up and when they get hot after a few minutes into load, they run at their 3d base clocks
    oh and, I own myself a 1070 FE and know of more than a handfull of people who own 1070 and 1080 partner cards (zotac extreme, evga ftw, gainward goldensample, etc) and they all have coil whine except my founders edition
    I personally would go for the FE, though it will clearly be no way silent - the fan hardly makes noise, you just hear the huge amount of air the fan is pushing (I really love that massive airflow sound)
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