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I recently picked up a new motherboard and cpu

The MSI z270 gaming m7 boasts 3 M2 slots, which got me to thinking about an M2 RAID0 array of a couple of 500mb Samsung 960 evos.

But before i jump the gun and buy the smaller capacity drives, I'd like to ask for some input.

Firstly if i buy a pair and run them in RAID, would it be straightforward to install Windows 10 and use the array as C? (i might as well hold the os on there)

Would it be as simple as to create the array in the bios and install, or are there various other things i need to do to reach that goal?

Secondly any end users with a setup like this, is the performance worthwhile? because i could happily buy a 1tb 960 evo and be contented with that too, but i considered a pair in raid due to the surplus of m2 slots i have?

In summary I'm asking if configuring this raid array is worth it, will it bestow a worthwhile performance increase over a single high end M2 ssd, and will it require any further steps to install windows after i create the array.

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    RAID 0 + SATA III drives - Not worth the hassle,3485.html

    RAID 0 + NVMe drives - Even worse:,4449.html

    The tl-dr bottom line.....Don't bother.
  2. Thanks.

    I'll just buy the 1tb and fill the slots over time.
  3. Tom_T1993 said:

    I'll just buy the 1tb and fill the slots over time.

    Excellent plan of attack.
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