High CPU and RAM usage all of a sudden

Hi guys,

I recently opened up my PC to give it a dusting down and when I put it back together I noticed that whenever I open a program or game, the processing usage and ram usage are both ridiculously high compared to how they were prior to the dusting. For instance, if I was playing Rainbow six siege, I would usually have about 20-30% of the processor being used and maybe 3GB of RAM being used. But now the processor is as high as 60% and I've seen over 10GB of ram being dedicated to the game. Any ideas what might have caused this sudden spike in power usage? I have scanned several times for any viruses or malware but they all say no problems. Here are my specs if they help? Svchost uses a bit of both cpu and ram too but not nearly as much as when I run a program.

I7 4790k @4GHz,
Geforce GTX 970,
16GB ram,
Windows 7.

Thanks in advance!
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