Xbox one S sound spdif?

I got a few questions....I already own a brand new pc with ASUS Rog 27inches 4k monitor. Currently it's connected to my nvidia graphic card through displayport. I was thinking to add a 4k player to my setup and consider having an xbox one s....Maybe playing some games or watching movie by using the xbox as a 4k reader blu ray! Since my Asus doesn't support HDR , will it work for watching movies?

Second, i know i can hook the xbox one s to my hdmi available port on my 4k Asus monoitor, but i don't wanna use the crappy monitor speaker's! So it that possible to use the SPDIF output on the xbox one s and plug in my SPDIF input on my sound card? Can it work? video through hdmi to monitor and sound to pc sound card with spdif input? If it can work, will the sound will go in my speakers ? i have a custom built speakers set that is already plug through RCA on my soundcard?
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  1. ok after thinking about that it's not seems to be logical since the pc and the sound card are together and the xbox one is on another input of the monitor....

    i would modified the question....I have a custom sound system to my PC , with some Alpine speakers and Alpine subwoofer! Everything is hook to a pre amp Clarion , and then to my PC sound card by RCA.....I have an aux in RCA (2) on that pre amp....i was thinking about got my audio by the SPDIF out on the xbox one s and got to convert that SPDIF to 2 RCA jack on my pre amp, in the Aux ports.....will it work?
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