I need your help about My fps drop Overwatch game issue

Hello everyone, i'm not a good english speaker but i'll do my best since i don't really know what to do anymore and i'm not very qualified in computer for start, and i think this forum is a pretty good one, and i'm really hoping you could give me some advice, or part of explanation of what's going on. I'll try to be as clear as possible.

So, i know there is already a lot of topic discussing about fps drop problems, but i've search on my side for a long time, and i see only obscur site with very technical terms, and i'm a little scared to be honest.

My main problem is playing a game Overwatch, which i've played without problem aroud 70 fps. But a lot of people like me experiment some real fps drops, to 28-40 fps making the game unplayable. i've set the game in low, i have a Ge force Gtx 860M, i'm on a laptop, ASUS I5, 2,8 Ghz. The thing is, i've tried all the possible ways to improve my fps, but without any improvement. I've search into deeper things, and i'm pretty sur now, that the problem comes from the temperature priority impose to my GPU. In game i'm around 75°C. But it seems that the average clock decrease as soon as a limited temperature has been crossed. The problem is (from what i've heard) that a lot of nvidia component have rapid rush of clock frequency as default and it increase even more the "throttling effect" (i think it's that word). It also seems that the treshold for lowering the clock is very low too compare to other gpu.

So first i would like to know if there is any way i can do something about this limited restricted temperature warning component. Also i read that most of nvidia component are fine even around 85 °C. But when i used Nvidiainspector, i have the choice in the overclocking section to disable the "temperature priority", but i can't do it, like it can't be saved, it's instantly back to enable option. So i read that it must be change in the Bios, where ?

Also i decided that maybe i'll try to control my speed fan to limite the temperature in game. But once again i can't control my speed fan in Msi afterburner (also i want to say, that i don't want to overclock my GPU). So i want to see in the bios section, i read that you can disable the automatic fan control, but i don't have any monitor panel option in the bios section.

So can i even change those things, am i right about all of this, or maybe you have an other idea ? I read that sometimes the bios don't recognize the fan in the bios. I tried speedfan but the fan is here but i can't change the speed limit. Do i have to add/change fan. To go deeper in the bios ? Can i change it from the nvidia driver ?

Thank you so much for reading this. I available to answer your question, and thank you for helping me, good day to you.
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  1. It's a laptop, so you need to keep it cool. It sounds as if you want to remove throttling when it gets hot, but the real solution is in not allowing it to heat up in the first place. You'll need to look into options for keeping laptops cool. Two other things that might help, first game only when plugged into an outlet. Gaming on battery power can be limited in performance on some laptops. Two, make sure the Windows power profile is set to maximum performance and not some battery saving profile.
  2. Hello, thank you for answering. Yeah i think it's better than trying to play with temperature. I do play when plugged into an outlet. And i've already set windows power frofile to high performances. So that's why i though maybe to change the speedfan to 100% when i play, i know i had it with a asus old tweak, but i can't seems to find it on internet. I could at least push it to 100%, and it seems that my pc never turn the fan at 90 or 100%. The fact is i can't have control on my fan. I would like very much to touch fan first instead of "overclocking".

    The second thing is, it seems that the game is part of the problem too. i mean i can run a lot of game without any issue, not in ultra or high, but without any fps drop in medium. With all the performances settings. So could it be possible that the game somehow lower my temperature limit ?

    Thank you
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