i7 5820k OC 4.0GHZ High idle temperatures.

As the title describes, i'm having what appears to be WAY too high for idle temps. My temps are 40C idle and around 60C with full load, this is with a Notcua NH-D14. My volts are set to auto, and multiplier set to 40 @ 100mhz bus frequency.

System is:

Asrock extreme4 x99
i7 5820k
Corsair dominator platinum 16gb 2666mhz
Gtx 1070
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  1. Don't use auto-voltage. It will always use a too high of a voltage to be sure it is stable. You need to manually find the ideal (lowest possible while stable) voltage.
  2. I moved from amd, so I'm not entirely sure whats an acceptable voltage for this cpu... And there are several options ad far as voltage in the voltages menu.
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    I run at 1.296 as the max, with Vrm 1.920. This is for running it at 4.5ghz. You just want to run it at 4ghz, so you might get by with something closer to 1.2. But you have to try.

    Let's say you try at 1.2, and the PC runs, then you run a stress-test, and it still works. You could then try 1.15, for instance, and keep lowering it until it crashes. When it does, try increasing it by 0.1 instead. And the other way around if 1.2 does not work.
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