Computer freezes unexpectedly (unique problem and looking for which component is faulty)

At least once or twice a day, my screen goes black and sound starts looping and I have to press the reset button in order to use my PC again. The power button is unresponsive, but the reset button works. It is not the monitor as I switched it out and the problem occurs on the second one.
I also updated my bios**

Intel i5 4690 - cpu
Cooler Master (Haswell/Kaveri) V650 - psu
AMD R9 390
CORSAIR Vengeance Pro 16GB (2 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) - RAM
Samsung 850 EVO 256 GB SSD

The issue has different results sometimes, usually its just the black screen and the sound looping and I need to reset, but sometimes, it blue screens and says the error "thread stuck in device driver" and sometimes the issue fixes itself after a couple seconds and my AMD Radeon notification pops up saying "Default Radeon WattMan settings have been restored due to unexpected system failure"

The last piece of information is that my system never goes black and freezes while playing games, never while playing a game. (Even demanding triple A titles) it only does it when Im browsing the internet on a browser (chrome) and using applications such as microsoft office.
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  1. Did you overclock the GPU? If so, revert to the default settings. Some overclocks are unstable if the GPU goes into a low power state.

    If you didn't overclock it, it's either dying or you have a virus embedded in the video driver. It's also possible you have a virus in the GPU's firmware, but that isn't very likely unless you're running VMWare.
  2. what is your power supply?
  3. Darthutos said:
    what is your power supply?

    It's a Cooler Master V650. It's in the opening post.
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    Apparently reinstalling Windows with "Other OS" on BIOS fixed it. I was using Windows 8.1 WHQL. -- A fix I found on another forum.
    Another piece of advice was to run DDU in safemode (unstalling all graphic drivers), then reinstalling the driver manually once it rebooted.
    Some others suggested that:
    "Another freaking info: enabling the driver's anti-aliasing seems to fix it (lol)."
    Other's said the driver update fixed the issue. So use DDU to remove any remnants of the old drivers for your graphics card and download the new drivers from the site afterwards.
    Another fix was to change the Window 8 boot to Other OS.
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