Good Graphics card for i3 2100

Hey i'm looking to instal a graphics card on my desktop, what is a good gfx card to play oldish games on it (skyrim not the updated one, modernwarfare 2-3 and WoW)

My specs are
I3 intel core 2100
Dh66dl motherboard (pcie 2.0)
Psu is ac 230w
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  1. I could not in good conscience recommend someone upgrade to a gaming card of any kind if they're using a 230W power supply. Once you get at least a 300W QUALITY power supply, then you have some videocard options. If this is a pre-build computer and you can't upgrade the power supply then I'd rule out a videocard upgrade as well.
  2. i guess just get some nvidia gt series or amd hd series, as you are not really playing high end game, so a high end graphics card not really needed, but for sure remember to upgrade your power supply first, because 230 w is not enough for most graphics cards
  3. sounds like a prebuilt computer. you would be fine with an rx460 or a gtx1050. the rx460 can be found for dirt cheap... like $60-80. most models of both cards dont require any power pins so they would work fine for almost any system that they can physically fit in.
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    First off, you need a better power supply, even if it is a cheapy tier 3 Evga 500b. Second a GTX 1050, or 1050ti. WoW prefers Nvidia.
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