Dual 4K monitor using DisplayPort for productivity

Hi there,

I have seen a few posts on the topic ... but I am not sure they would work for me. So I really need your help. :-)

Here are my specs:

I am currently using one DisplayPort and one HDMI port. I find that when one of the monitors is plugged into the HDMI (regardless of which of the two I plug in), the HDMI monitor is sluggish.

I just use the computer for work (I work 15 hour days!), not gaming. But I need things to be FAST because I conduct lots of presentations from my monitors. I occasionally edit videos.

What graphics or video card do I need for this extended monitor setup?

Thanks a ton!
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  1. Basically anything with two displayport connections will work, what kind of power supply do you have?
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  2. It is true that the minimum is two display ports. The tricky part is whether or not they will handle the resolution. With no information on the required resolution, it is hard to make a good graphic card recommendation. The necessity that they be" fast" doesn't help much.

    Since it sounds like the OP is using the integrated graphics, just about any graphics card will be an improvement. So with that stipulation I would suggest a GTX 1060 or 1070.
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  3. GTX 1070 for office use? I was about to say find a GTX 960 on craigslist for cheap lmao, either that or an RX 470/480 if he wants a new part. Those are the cheapest GPUs I know of with 2 DP connections
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  4. Probably the best answer would be two graphics cards instead of one. You could start off with a GTX1060, and if you found that to be insufficient then add another.
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  5. chemmajorp53 said:
    Basically anything with two displayport connections will work, what kind of power supply do you have?

    Corsair 850W. Do I need two DPs because one is in the mobo. I don't mind getting something with two DPs if that is a better solution though.
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  6. It would be a little more convenient to have them both running off the card, but you don't have to. If you buy a GPU you might as well get one with 2 DP connections, shouldn't be much more expensive. The good thing about something like an RX 470 though would be that it will have 3 DP connections in case you want to add a 3rd monitor for some reason.

    EDIT: the GTX 950 has 3 DP connections, that would be a good option
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  7. I think that you will find that the display port on the motherboard is very limited compared to even a medium range graphics card. The GTX 1060 that I mentioned also has 3 display ports. You can also use the "Best Graphics Card For The Money " and "Graphics Card Hierarchy" to help you select a GPU.

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