No boot/startup and blank screen

Ok, new builder here. I scrapped some parts together to play XCOM 2 on my PC. Got everything connected and set up, no issue. Yet when I turn on the power switch from the power source (not the power button for the motherboard) everything comes on and has power, but no booting or display comes up.

Here is my build:
Mobo is the gigabyte GA-MA780G-UD3H
Processor is the AMD Phenom II x4 Black Edition (which I checked compatability)
Graphics card is Geforce galaxy GTX 460
Power source is Beast PSU ATX-BT650W

The power light indicators are configured correctly per gigabyte's manual, and power hits everything because all the lights and fans run. I've tried connecting the monitor to both the motherboard's vgi, and the graphics card hdmi, no display and no boot.

I am at a loss here, and can use some help please. I'm 99% sure nothing has been shorted out in the install process either.

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  1. Did you put the standoffs in? Connect the ATX12v, cpu and 24 pin?

    If the wires arent connected to the pwr header from the front, it wont turn on
  2. the cpu does not have integrated gpu so you should only plug in the hdmi cable to the monitor, which looks like you did.

    so please remove all memory and plug them in again to make sure you inserted the memory correctly.

    did you plug in the gpu power cables onto the graphic card?

    is there any beeping from the computer?
  3. No beeping, Memory is slotted in just fine, all connections are at their appropriate plug-ins power wise. Everything is getting power and it sounds like it's trying to boot. But no POST results. I'm not sure if it is the power unit, my configuration, or the processors not working properly. I've been really careful with the processors, but I'm afraid of too much handling and or thermal paste might mess up the pins/ability to work.

    Please keep the ideas flowing!
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