What's the best budget upgrade for i3 3220?

I'm thinking of upgrading my PC soon but i have no idea what's the best cheap replacement CPU for the i3 3220 (LGA 1155 socket) so can you guys help me?

My PC model is "HP Pavilion p6 2310jp" btw and i'm about to replace my GPU & PSU to a GTX 1060 & Corsair CX650m soon ;)
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    If you want to get a new CPU, GPU, and PSU, I would honestly just upgrade the whole computer. The only other reasonable option is an i7 3770, which is getting pretty old and not worth the prices people are charging in my opinion.

    My advice, sell your computer, get what you can out of it, and build something like this

    or wait a couple weeks and see how Ryzen 5 is
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