Possible GPU or PSU issue?

i5-3570K / GTX 660

I'm having trouble with something in my computer. First the display when out twice while playing a game. My main monitor is a TV and my second is an older monitor. The TV went black, and the monitor went white. I ran FurMark and my gpu was running at 81-83 C and around 100% TDP while playing this game (Offworld Trading Company). I've tried other games too, but those numbers were lower. I've played many hours of that game, first time I've had display issues (ever on this 5 year old comp). I ran a stress test for 20 minutes under those same numbers with no crash.

So today, I started Starcraft 2, and I have no sound. Other games have sound. I plug in my microphone, and my computer does not recognize it from either input front and back. I'm also dropping frames in my games that hadn't happen before. I'm guessing the issues other than the display issues are coincidental. If they are connected, I'm worried about my motherboard. I built this comp and these are the first issues I've ever had. And they are all happening at once. Thanks!
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  1. You don't mention overclocking but be aware that CPU overclocking puts stress on your motherboard as well. This is why some people spend money on motherboards built with overclocking in mind. I can also tell you that after 5 years of use, the CMOS battery, CPU thermal paste, and power supply might all be ready to be replaced. Make sure Windows is up to date, you've scanned for malware and viruses, and defragged the hard drive if you're using a mechanical one. Give the PC a tuneup is what I'm saying.
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    Ok, I'll check out tuning it up. Thanks for responding.

    I found out that my sound/mic problems seemed to be attached to Nvidia's control panel thing. This installed when I installed updated drivers to fix the display issue.

    No dead screens last night as I tested things out.
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