switching from win8.1 to Linux

can i use Linux?
Linux Lite

Model: Satellite C55-A
Model number: PSCF6U
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  1. This laptop more than meets the preferred requirements for Linux Lite per the website. It should work. Put it on a USB drive first and boot from the usb drive to try it out first. If you're happy with it, then install it as your bootable OS. Another distro to try is Linux MINT.
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  2. thank you for reply

    how do i make USB flash drive bootable?
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  3. thank you

    do i need to change settings in BIOS screen before installing Linux Mint?
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  4. Dont think so. Does this PC have a UEFI BIOS? If it doesnt select MBR partition type in rufus first
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  5. i'm using UEFI
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  6. Best answer
    Select GPT in rufus hopefully it works in Linux
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  7. thank you

    i will try it out
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  8. cool
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