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So I've built 2 pcs now but this one was by far the most expensive. It boots up and I've played 52 hours of the division max settings 4k and 50 hours of wildlands 4k very high settings but still I'm nervous all the time about Temps even though they never break 60c at 4.2. Does anyone else get nervous about these things?!?!
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    Of course I get nervous. The nervousness is what drives others to just buy a pre-built system. It's the second-guessing of your building skills that can get the better of you. Just trust in your skills and always try to learn more to harden your skill sets. Just save your receipts and boxes for the expensive parts (CPU, GPU) just in case.

    Also, those temps are solid so there's no need to worry there.
  2. 60*C is perfectly fine for an Intel i5/i7. Those chips can handle over 80*C without a problem. You should consider better cooling if you regular hit over 75*C in order to avoid a worst case situation.

    60*C during high end gaming is something to be completely happy about. Besides, the chip will protect itself. I have left a 4790k running without ANY fans and it simply throttled down to keep itself around 90*C.. this went on for over 6 hours. The chip is perfectly stable still.

    Not that I am suggesting trying that, it was a massive mistake on my part. It just goes to show that the tech is smart enough to protect itself.
  3. Haha it took me roughly 7 hours and I had a hard time getting the mobo to seat properly. When It was ready to boot up it did a couple weird restarts which made me scared I was gonna fry somthing but so far so good. It runs great and cool but I'm always nervous it's going to explode any minute. Maybe it's just because it's new.
  4. I'm always nervous about my builds. When I did my old FX build, I put everything together correctly but nothing seemed to happen when I turned it on. I rebuilt it and the same thing happened. I pressed the power button and started screwing around on my phone. Like five minutes later, the PC booted into BIOS because I didn't have an OS installed on the hard drive. Turns out that's a common thing with Asus AM3+ boards, sometimes first time BIOS initialization takes forever and there's no signs of life until it finished initializing.

    Getting back on topic... Assuming we're talking about an Intel CPU, those temps are fine. Intel CPUs are happy as long as they're below 85C. Some AMD CPUs need to be kept at about 55C.
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