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I have a gtx 1080 g1 gaming, and on the support tab on gigabytes page about the card, there is a download for the BIOS, should I download it? The description sounds like it will be awesome but it says version F2, and below it it says (when you click on BIOS tab), stuff about F20 and soforth
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  1. Yeah any BIOS update is going to work great for your card. I'm not sure what they fixed, but usually it's always good.
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    As long as you study the procedure before you do anything, and understand what should happen and what it should look like, then you should be okay to flash the new bios. I will add though that unless you have some issue that you think this bios is supposed to fix, you are better off not flashing it. That's an expensive component, and from your question I figure you haven't done much bios flashing. I'm not sure a $500 part is the thing to start experimenting with.
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