CPU underperforming ( New Build)


Specs are FX8320
8gm ram (signle stick)
R9 280x gpu
600w psu.
WIndows 10 64

This is my build just a quick decent enw build.

Well i started having serious problems ever game i played was laggig very bad and hard frame drops im talking 20-30 fps in league.

I did such troubleshooting and came up with this my CPU is very sevrely under peforming for the average. I added a picture of benchmark and you can see the average there.

Any ideas? Or do i need to send this one in and get a new one?

( its not my Power mode first thing i checked)
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  1. Check cpu temperatures during gameplay teh cpu cooler may not be mounted properly.
  2. Have you put the right amount of thermal paste? Did you damage the CPU (pins maybe) before putting it in?
    Could you give more detailed info about your specs (what exactly is your ram, ssd, and psu)?
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