Did I mess up something while installing?


Today I changed the motherboard, cpu and ram in my pc.Long story short I wasn't as good at building pc's as I remembered.
After 8 hours of heavy battle with my sidekick the screwdriver, we won. Everything hooked up, in place and we tamed the machine, it obeyd us and turned on.
But the battle was not over yet, the pc's alliance came, blue screen of DEATH (metal af). But we had victory again, windows was on our side and he asked me if I wanted to keep my files after the install and I was like 'yes windows sir that would be nice' but he deleted some shortcuts anyways ;'(. After installing the drivers and restarting, my pc wouldnt start up so after I finally got it up again I decided to do a clean install, but first save some files. Could copy stuff from my pendrive and to my pendrive, but after a while i couldnt. I could still take files from my usb but cant transfer anything.
Did i hook something up wrong? Is my windows corrupted ? Is my (new) pendrive failing? It's like a month old.
Dont wanna type out old specs because im from phone, but new one is
I7 7700(non k)
16GB Dual channel
2400mhz memory
Gtx 1060 6Gb
Msi b250m gaming pro
1Tb 5400rp
Usb 2.0

Drivers updated with Driver Booster ( not sponsored)

Sorry i think i lost my mind today. If you find it call me (maybe).
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