Restarting Only When Gaming (Not Overheating)


I've exhausted all my options, scrolled these and other forums for about two months now and have had no luck, so I'm finally reaching out to the community hoping someone knows something I haven't been able to find myself.

I can operate my computer all day with every day with non-gaming tasks, no problem, no crashes.

I try to load a game, nearly any game, I'll play for maybe 30 min and then the screen will go black, and then show the MSI rebooting logo, as if I had just restarted my computer. Event log was not helpful.
This is a new issue, as a few months ago I was able to play any game for hours on end with no issues.
The temperatures used to be an issue with this machine when I first built it, so I put an AIO Kraken x61 cooler in it to keep operations smooth.
All clocks and BIOS settings have been set to default or auto.

Now the obvious answer would be overheating (especially given my CPU choice), but I can assure you after extensive testing I have completely ruled that out as the cause, computer will still crash when relatively cool to the touch.

*Note: This problem has been getting noticeably worse over the past month, with crashes happening sooner on in gameplay.

Machine Specs:
MSI 970 Gaming Motherboard
AMD Fx-8350 4Ghz Processor
EVGA 650 Platinum PSU
MSI R9 390 8GB graphics card
2x4GB GSkill 1866 RAM
Samsung 850 Evo 120GB SSD
Seagate 3TB HDD
Western Digital 1TB HDD
All housed within a NZXT Phantom 530 case.

Thanks for your collective brainpower, community.
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  1. Could be the PSU me thinks. Do you have a spare PSU to test?
  2. maz199 said:
    Could be the PSU me thinks. Do you have a spare PSU to test?

    Though not immediately available to me, I can find a friend who'll lend me their PSU tomorrow. Will update regarding outcome of tests.
  3. Ok. Do the same thing with the borrowed PSU and please make sure all cables are attached properly. Very important that little things that can cause problems are checked.
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