Motherboard and Harddrive are muffed?

Hey, I have an asus 970 pro gaming aura MB that will ONLY boot if the io shield is pressed on. I did have my pc backed against a wall, and think that some how that maybe shorted out my mb? It still boots, but the second i let go of the pressure im putting on the io shield, it shuts off. All of the lights stay on, but the bios, or loading screen is gone. Also, my hard drive. I think i crapped on me, during one of these incidents where my pc shut off on me, i tried turning it back on but it couldnt find a boot source. My hard drive would randomly pop up, and disappear. We tried formatting it, and installing windows 10 on it but always get an error. Is my hard drive crap, or is it something else? We've switched out the processor and MB and ram to make sure that the mb and all was good. So it has to be the ram right?
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  1. Shortages can happen by the tiniest things. I know someone who had his niece throw a paperclip in there when it was running. Completely shut off!! With your hard drive, check your SATA and power cables aren't damaged or broken. Check they haven't been disconnected if your PSU is modular either.

    Did you disconnect all your ram sticks and boot with one in there at a time?? I suggest that if you haven't already
  2. Yeah, I've tried moving the ram around, but it doesnt fix anything /: we're actually having problems with my buddy's pc, the rgb gskill trident ram doesnt really work with his maximus board, and only boots SOMETIMES with 1 stick of ram. But ive checked and made sure all of the sata power cables were connected and not damaged, today we're going to buy another psu for another build but use it first to rule out my psu, hopefully thatll tell us something ):
  3. Well, we hooked up the psu and I'm still having the same problems so that rules out a bad psu causing my mother board shutting off. Is it possible the io shield is causing a grounding issue or short? Im picking up a hard drive now to see if a new one will solve the windows installing errors. But im stumped on why the mother board has to be fiddled with before itll boot. Rgb light up, but the 4 check lights wont go off until i nudge it just right. All standoffs are even and screws are snug, im stumped.
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