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I have a GA-78LMT-S2 motherboard, what are my options for upgrading the CPU? And what is the process for upgrading? Thank you, total newbie here.
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  1. The absolute best one is the FX-8370E. It may be difficult to find and may be much more expensive though.

    The best one which can be commonly found is the FX-8350.
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    To properly answer if a CPU upgrade makes sense for you, some consideration of what you *have* now, your needs, and your budget are absolutely necessary. Otherwise it's a bit like simply asking "should I buy an Acura?" or "should I get married?" Typically, the better the information given, the better the advice.
    Question from Dankvida : "Best processor please"

    Dankvida said:
    I have a motherboard GA-78LMT-S2. I am trying to figure out the best processor I can upgrade to, and procedures to upgrade. Thank you.

    velocityg4 said:
    There are three revisions of your motherboards. Linked is all three CPU support lists. You will need to download and update to the latest BIOS for your revision of that motherboard. In these links you will also find links to the manuals and update files. The revision number is written on the motherboard in the front bottom corner by the PCI slot. The best supported is the AMD Athlon FX 8370E.

    Rev 1.0:
    Rev 1.1:
    Rev 1.2:

    To put it simply in order to upgrade the CPU you do the following:
    - Update to the latest BIOS.
    - Shutdown and unplug the computer.
    - Remove the heatsink
    - Clean old thermal compound from heatsink (rubbing alcohol works)
    - Remove the old CPU
    - Connect the new CPU
    - Apply new thermal paste in a thin layer
    - Install heatsink and plug the heatsink fan back in
    - Plug computer back in
    - Boot

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