HDMI graphic card to VGA monitor ?

I intend to have new graphic card like GTX 1050 , but new graphic card does not support VGA output anymore , but I have a monitor only VGA support . So what kind HDMI TO VGA converter or adapter I should use to connect VGA monitor .
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  2. I thought the 10xx series of GPU's don't have any analog signal and therefore you need an active (powered) adapter.

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  3. You don't need active for DVI to VGA, only DP to basically anything else
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  4. If you have DVI-I then you can use a passive adapter. If you have DVI-D, then you need an active adapter. Last I saw, the entire Pascal line of GPU's does not have any analog (DVD-I) support at all. so you would need an active adapter, whether it's HDMI or DP or DVI-D to VGA is up to you.
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  5. ^ absolutely right , the adapter chemmajorp53 posted will not work with any of the newer cards
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  6. I assumed they all had DVI-I guess I wasn't paying attention, never heard of anyone going from DVI/HDMI to VGA on pascal
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  7. ^ unfortunately Polaris cards are the same.
    I have no idea why the decision was made to remove native analog support from new gpu's.
    You would have thought at least the lower end 1050 & RX 460 cards would have it as these are cheap upgrade cards ideal for older systems where VGA only monitors are still likely used.
    Probably keeps costs down/profits up - only reason I can think of , unfortunately means the end user has to spend $10-20 on an active converter.
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