Can I overclock my monitor's refresh rate?

My monitor is an Acer S231HL and it's refresh rate is 60hz. Can I overclock it to run at a higher refresh rate? And what is the safe point i can get it to? And it is safe for me to actually overclock it?
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  1. You might be able to change the refresh rate via a monitor menu. Look at the monitor's manual to determine how to bring up the menu.

    In ancient days we used to overclock computers by actually removing and replacing certain electronic components on the motherboard but I doubt that is an option on the monitor.

    It may not actually matter. See the article at the following link.
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    You can try create custom screen resolution with custom refresh rate via graphic card control panel, but this would give you mediocre increase, most of time you get to max 75Hz. It is safe as monitor would just run or display out of range error if it cant use this refresh rate.
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  3. And make sure you run the frame skipping test to make sure it's good.
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  4. thank you guys! I overclocked my refresh rate to 74hz, i tried 75hz but my monitor said input invalid so I brought it back down to 74hz where it is stable. I also run the frame skipping test and it passed :)
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  5. Wow so glad I came across this piost I have OCed my monitor to 76Hz its a Philips LED 227ELH
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