Asus X99-E, VGA LED (white) and BOOT LED (orange) at startup/POST

Hello guys

I have a problem with my motherboard (!).

It is, as described in the header, an Asus X99-E, with a i7-K6800 CPU.

Furthermore I have 3x8 G.Skill RipjawsV DDR4-3000 Ram, Radeon R9 X390 8GB Sapphire graphics card, and a 256GB SSD Samsung 750 harddrive.

It suddenly turned off in the middle of a game of CS:GO. Screen freezed, and when i wanted to restart it, while it is running the POST, it stoppes at VGA LED (white) and shortly after the BOOT LED (orange) turns on, and then nothing happends i just keeps flashing in both LED's. I have no video out from my R9 card (I have tried all ports - 3xDP ports and 1xHDMI port).

I have furthermore tried to remove all RAM blocks, and only try with 1 block (tried with 2 different blocks).
I have tried to remove CMOS batteri (left it out for 15+ min with no power to the PC).
I have tried both HDMI cable and DisplayPort cables.

Some suggest on other sites, that reinstall/re-flash the BIOS would be an idea, and thoughts on that?

No mater what I try, I cannot get anything displayed. I have tried with 2 different screens (seems useless to do, when the PC wont start up..)

The ASUS manual is useless, it only tells me what the indicate... - and since I cannot get anything displayed, I cannot get any error codes as well.

Hope you guys can help me.

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  1. Get beeper and try to start without RAM, wait for beeps.
    If no beeps- bios/mobo/cpu problem.
    Bios better to reflash with programmer using ROM file.
  2. Hi,

    I recon that it doesn't beep on startup.
    But if it is a CPU problem, wouldn't it just flash the LED for the CPU?

    How do you reflash with programmer using ROM file?
  3. Best answer
    1. Buy/get USB programmer.
    2. Get bios ROM file.
    3. Flash.

    P.S. You can buy new and ready BIOS chip for your model.
    P.P.S. If you have warranty- feel free to RMA.
  4. Hi,

    Thsnks a lot.

    I will start with the RMA.

  5. Hi,

    I think my graphics card is done. I have now bought a Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1 Gaming, I hope that will solve the problem. I now have a output from the graphics card... that's a small victory.

    Furthermore, I couldn't boot from my SSD (I could see the SSD in my BIOS, but not able to boot from it), but it was possible to reinstall a fresh Windows 10 Pro.
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