Why do people say this?

Why do people say that it's harder to uprgade a cpu rather than a gpu?
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    Because there are more steps involved. You have to ensure the mobo supports the CPU, possibly have to upgrade the BIOS, remove the CPU cooler, swap the CPU, reinstall the cooler, configure the BIOS, then you are done. With a GPU, you unplug the power connectors, swap the card, connect the power connectors, boot computer, install drivers, then done. GPU is much easier. You've obviously never done either if you are asking the question.
  2. WambuCombu21 said:
    Why do people say that it's harder to uprgade a cpu rather than a gpu?

    Because a CPU generally requires a new motherboard, it is a much more invasive assembly process, and you'll probably have to reinstall the OS and all your applications.

    A GPU, you just take the old one out, put the new one in, and update the drivers.
  3. If you don't need a new MoBo...


    Uninstall Drivers, take out 2 screws, disconnect cables, pop the latch, pull the card ... reverse steps


    Update BIOS, remove cooler, remove CPU, clean CPU and cooler, insert new CPU, apply TIM and then reverse other steps.

    Also... if talking gaming box, updating CPU (w/o MoBo) will mostly have no observable impact ... GPU has much larger potential.
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