Help me choose between these cards? gtx 690, 780ti, 970, 980, 1050, radeon 7950, 7970

PC specs are:
i5 3570 not overclocked
gigabyte z77
8 gigs hyperx ram
750 thermaltake psu
gpu gtx 460 se 1gb

its my younger brother's pc and he wants a gpu upgrade, he is unable to choose between these models as all of the below mentioned models are available in the local market more or less with a difference of 20 bucks in price. power consumption is not an issue, his main concern is future proofing for maximum period possible. He plays on a standard 22'' dell lcd model P2214h @ 1920*1080p which he has no plan to upgrade. wants to play all new games on ultra settings. plz suggest between
gtx 690
gtx 780ti
gtx 970
gtx 980
radeon 7950boost
radeon 7970.
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  1. GTX 980 is by far the best choice if they're all within $20 of each other. The GTX 690 is junk now, the 780 ti is on Kepler which essentially got abandoned by Nvidia, and the 7950 and 7970 are old and slow compared to the 970 and 980.
  2. Considering you are getting all the aforementioned cards for more or less the same price, I'd suggest you go with the 980 hands down. Its by far the fastest GPU in the list and will stay relevant at 1080p for a couple of years.
  3. getting the 980 gigabyte g1 series for almost 200usd. is it a good price? also plz tell me if 980 will handle all the modern titles at ultra on 1080p?
  4. A friend was telling that nvidia 900 series cards have faulty vram issue e.g 970 3.5gb. does the 980 has no such issue? 2. will the card run OK with the system specs and no component will be a bottleneck? My knowledge is little on these products so ignore if i ask anything stupid.
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    The 970 is the only card with that issue, and the 0.5GB of RAM isn't "faulty" it's just really slow. The 980 is fine. You don't need to care about bottlenecking, but your CPU will be the slowest part in the build I'd imaging in a lot of games. Not anything to worry about though, something has to be the slowest. Yes, the 980 will "handle" every title in 1080p on ultra, but that doesn't mean you'll always be getting 60fps+.
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