does graphics look any better on a Nvidia GPU vs AMD

just wondered if nvidia graphics cards make the graphics look any better then amd? am on a 4k monitor and free synch. my favorite game im playing alot is elder scrolls online and i average 42-48fps on a radeon rx480
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  1. Nvidia at the moment has more powerful cards which will certainly look better.
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    Graphics will look the same, performance aside. There are a few exceptions on certain games but unless you had screenshots side by side, you would have never known.
  3. i had some games that didnt run at all on anything but nvidia starship troopers for 1 (there is a workaround but applying that the already old game will look absolutely terrible xD)

    but usually this isnt the case some games might even use amd technologies better but the difference will be mostly performance not image quality xP
  4. Usually game developers will make the game run better on one type of card or another, but they don't usually look better. A high resolution texture is a high resolution texture, the framerate changes but the textures don't. Once in a while there might be a feature, like realistic hair, that one card can do and the other can't, but I don't count that. For one thing, those features can often cost so much framerate that no one uses them.
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